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Sabrenia Jordan

Beginnings & Bio

       On October 19, 1979, the late Rev. Stephen and Shirley Peterson gave birth to their second child Sabrenia Peterson in the great city of Beaumont, Texas.  They both believed in raising their children to fear God and to serve him whole heartily.

At the age of three year olds, that’s when Sabrenia’s gift from God was discovered.  While Sis. Peterson was teaching their cousin how to play the song, “God Has Smiled on Me,” God smiled on Sabrenia by allowing her to play the song by ear.  Every since then, Sabrenia has been playing in the church.   Who would have thought quiet Sabrenia, graduate of Central Senior High School and Lamar University would have to come out of her shell?

Sabrenia Jordan is very grateful for her gift and currently uses the gift God has given her at her local church, New Day Deliverance Holiness Church where she is a member and musician under the leadership of Bishop Eldridge Charlot. 

She has been blessed in so many ways by using her gift for the Lord.  Sabrenia has had the opportunity to play for recording artists such as:

  • the Late Rev. James Moore

  • the late Rev. Timothy Wright

  • Beverly Crawford

  • Joe Stevens

  • Cynthia Celestine

  • Leslie Mouton  &

  • Chester Baldwin

By servicing her gift throughout the years, Sabrenia was introduced to Adrian Jordan on November 23, 1997. On November 23, 2002, they were joined in holy matrimony. Out of this union two children were conceived; Arin and Aden Jordan which she loves dearly.  Outside her home she has to share her love with many other children. This school year will be 19 years Sabrenia has served as an educator in the Beaumont Independent School District. Although her stern and hard work molds and shapes the students; her dream and desires is to return back to her first love which is her husband and children. She wants be a homemaker and to focus on her music ability.

Sabrenia wants everyone to know that she loves God and is truly thankful for the gift that He has given her and doesn’t take it lightly.  She also wants everyone to know that without God she can’t do anything.  Being a musician and teaching songs is not something she just does on choir rehearsals nights and Sunday mornings. She understands it is a lifestyle and fights for it every day.  She wants the love of Christ to reflect in every aspect of her life. God is love and is indeed real and she wants to go back with him when he returns.

The purpose of this project is to encourage everyone to stand on the word of God.  In the words of Sabrenia, " I know everyone was surprised when they heard the news about the cd." " It's not something that I wanted to do but it is something that I know I had to do." "In the year of 2005,  it was prophesied to me that one day I would go to rehearsal thinking that I would teach a song written by someone else but I would teach one of my songs." " I looked at the man of God and I said to myself, he got the wrong person because everyone that knows me knows I am a background chick." "The man looked at me as if he heard me and began to tell me how he could  see the tablet full of songs." "Of course I cried because it was true."" Then it was also prophesied to me that God will give me songs and will show me how to write, cause if I could be honest, the songs that were in the tablet, they were love songs but one of them was a church song." (He Will Come through) "Again that was in 2005 when that was imparted in my life." " In the summer of July 2016, my family and I took a trip to Cabo Mexico." " There was one night that everyone was sleep but me." " I could remember going outside on the balcony and I prayed and that's when the songs "All of my help, and My God Shall Supply came to me." "God let me know that just like I was a foreigner in Mexico, there were somethings that were foreign in my life." " The passing of my mother, father, sister and my own child really took me to a low place." "There were times I felt like I couldn't go on."  "But I kept going to church because I believed that I would be strengthen every time." " I am so glad I did, because my faith got stronger." " When you listen to the cd, the songs were given to me in the night ."( really in the morning night if that makes sense)  "When you wake up and can't sleep, pray then listen." " I also  encourage you to be like my boy Joseph." " He was a dreamer that never stopped dreaming even in extreme adversity." "Just remember  when God show you things, you can't tell everyone until God tells you to."

Sabrenia wants everyone to know that all of our help comes from the Lord. It doesn't matter how big or small the situation is.  There is nothing too hard for God, and  He is true to His Word. Cast your cares on Him because He cares for you. Be you because God created you to be you, you are peculiar, God called you out. It is better to please God than man.

What is The Heart of this Worshiper 

 What's The Purpose of  This Project

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